The warranty for devices located on the website www.CycloVac.co is provided by the manufacturer, Cyclo Vac equipment, the company:

Trovac Industries Ltd.
3-rueMarcel Ayotte
Blainville (Quebec) J7C5L7
Phone (450) 434-2233
Fax: (450) 434-6111
Email: info@cyclovac.com

hereinafter referred to as the Producer.

The ELCONNECTION LTD company (hereinafter referred to as the Distributor) under its agreement with the Producer is its representative in UK and Ireland, runs a warranty service on behalf of the Manufacturer of Cyclo Vac equipment and contacts the customer on behalf of the Manufacturer.


The 25-year Cyclo Vac guarantee only covers the Cyclo Vac Black Edition series

Joining the program with a 25-year Cyclo Vac warranty is payable – the cost is £ 100.

In order to participate in the Program, the 25-year Cyclo Vac warranty should be sent to the address: kontakt@cpdp.pl, no later than 30 days from the date of purchase of the central unit:

First name and last name:
Address under which the central unit is installed:
E-mail adress:
Model of the central unit:
The central unit serial number:
Date of purchase:
Please attach a clear scan of the proof of purchase of the central unit to the message.

In response, you will receive a message with the given account number to which you must pay a charge of £ 100, which is the fee for joining the Program with a 25-year Cyclo Vac guarantee.

After the payment has been credited to our bank account within 7 business days, we will send you a certificate confirming adding the central unit to the Program for a 25-year Cyclo Vac warranty.


The warranty period for the turbine and electrical components of the Cyclo Vac H615 Black Edition is 25 years from the date of purchase. The warranty for service costs and shipping costs is unchanged compared to the standard warranty and is 3 years from the date of purchase.

The basis for reporting complaints based on the 25-year Cyclo Vac guarantee is the proof of purchase of the central unit and a certificate confirming the inclusion of a 25-year Cyclo Vac Guarantee in the Program.
The extended warranty is valid only when the unit is used at home, it does not cover commercial and industrial use.
The extended warranty is not transferable and will no longer be valid if the central unit is installed in a different location than the first installation site or in the case of the resale of the central unit.
In case of doubt, Cyclo Vac reserves the right to verify the above information in order to accept the warranty.

The other guarantee conditions mentioned in the 25-year Cyclo Vac guarantee, which are not mentioned above, are the same as in the case of the standard warranty and are available below:


The warranty is only valid for domestic use. If you want to use a vacuum cleaner in a commercial or public utility facility, contact the Distributor to arrange warranty details.


The Cyclo Vac vacuum cleaning system is protected by a guarantee covering its entire lifetime. The manufacturer guarantees that the casing of the device is free from any material defects and that may arise during production. The warranty applies from the moment the device is purchased, until the original owner changes and the system remains in the initial place of installation. The warranty covers the body and container for the garbage of the device and is not transferable.

Motors and electrical components are covered by a full guarantee for Cyclo Vac E, GS and H vacuum cleaners for 10 years, and for Cyclo Vac DL, GX and HX vacuum cleaners for 15 years or 750 operating hours depending on which event occurs faster.

Our authorized service center will repair or replace, at the discretion of the Manufacturer or Distributor, for the defective part or part for a period of 3 years free of charge. After 3 years from the date of purchase, the customer is obliged to cover the costs of servicing the device.

The repair of the device covered by the guarantee and the warranty for which the manufacturer or the distributor was considered justified will be performed by an authorized service center within 14 working days. This period may be prolonged if it is necessary to bring the parts necessary for repair until the Manufacturer supplies these parts.

Cyclo Vac Guarantee – EUROPA and other continents

Engines and electrical components

Cyclo Vac Series E, GS, H, and HD Vacuum Cleaners10 Years3 years
Cyclo Vac HX Vacuum Cleaners15 years or 750 hours of work3 years

For the warranty to remain valid, the authorized service center must perform all repairs using original Cyclo Vac or Trovac parts. Otherwise, the warranty may be void. This warranty does not cover the normal wear of certain parts, such as engine brushes and filters, and damage caused (according to the Distributor or Manufacturer) due to improper use (eg dusting construction dust like cement, gypsum, water, ash, etc.), for commercial purposes, lack of proper maintenance, incorrect assembly, neglect, natural disasters, accidents and force majeure.


For all recommended accessories * Cyclo Vac is granted under certain conditions a three-year warranty. If within three years it appears that the item of equipment has a manufacturing defect, please return it with a copy of the invoice (with the specified accessories purchased) to the nearest Cyclo Vac authorized service center and we will repair or replace the defective part in accordance with the terms of the warranty.

This warranty does not cover normal wear of components such as drive belts, brushes, rollers and other items, or incorrect use. Includes only normal domestic use.

* The recommended Cyclo Vac accessories are clearly marked with the Cyclo Vac logotype. All other accessories, even if purchased at the Cyclo Vac sales point concurrently with the central vacuum cleaner, are not covered by the 3-year warranty.

The warranty covers only normal domestic use. The warranty does not change, but complements the guarantees required by law. All claims under this warranty must be accompanied by the original invoice or bill (receipt). Any changes or modifications to the product may invalidate this warranty. The warranty does not cover transport and telephone service costs of the website. The warranty is not transferable.

Please keep all payment receipts (invoice, delivery note). The warranty period should be counted from the date on the proof of purchase. If you need to use the warranty service you will need to show proof of purchase. In the absence of proof of purchase, the warranty period starts running from the date of manufacture stated on the device housing.

The Manufacturer and Distributor are not liable for any incidental, indirect, consequential or extraordinary damage resulting from the use of the central vacuum cleaner.