The DataSync Technology

Cyclo Vac is proud to introduce you its DataSync technology. This one of a kind innovation allows the selection between 4 power levels, and its Synchronized Data Monitors indicate when comes time to empty the canister or change the bag. They inform you when maintenance is required!

This information is displayed both on the hose handle and on the LCD monitor situated on the front of the central vacuum.


1. Timer – indicates the number of hours the device has been running

2. Flashing key – inspection and maintenance of the central vacuum cleaner is recommended

3. Turbine No motion – the device is connected to power.

Rotation – the device is on – working. The speed of movement is consistent with the selected level.

4. Flashing sack – GX series: check and possibly replace the sack.

HX series: check and possibly replace the dust bag or empty the waste container.

5 Flashing filter – (DL series) Empty the dirt hopper and clean the filters.

6. Flashing carbon dust filter  – Replace the filter.

7. Reset – to turn off flashing icons press and hold the reset button by one


8. Switch on / off switch  – also allows you to choose one of 4 levels of the suction power of the device

Please note that the maintenance information indicated by the four icons (2, 4, 5 and 6) will also be visible on the hose handle Data Sync.

See videos of how the Data Sync system works