Retractable Hose System

Retractable Hose System Retraflex/ Hide-a-hose

“Finally, my vacuum 
hose is always 
within reach
when needed.”

The Retraflex® hose retracts into the same piping network used by your central vacuum, not taking any added space within the walls.

Completely new pull-out handle system
One action to operate!
Automatically starts when handle is pulled
Ergonomic and easy to pull.

retraflex system

Cleaning Simplified

Pull out the length of hose you need at the moment and connect the attachments of your choice.

Pull on the black handle to start the system and to lock the hose at the desired length.

Push the handle to unlock the hose.

Disconnect the attachments and put your hand over the opening to allow the hose to retract.

Close the door to stop the system.

Retractable Hose System Retraflex

The revolutionary suction socket with the integrated Retraflex/ Hide-A-Hose Retractable Hose System  allows you to use just as much hose as you need to clean the dirt. No less, no more. After cleaning, the hose will hide itself to the suction installation located in the walls and floors of your home only by means of the suction power generated by the central vacuum cleaner – without additional mechanical reels, springs or electrical winding systems. This ensures reliable operation for many years!

A video showing the operation of Retraflex/ Hide a hose: 

You will never have to carry an uncomfortable coil with a suction hose and store it in the closet again. The hose hides in the wall automatically! 

The installation of the Retraflex system or Hide-A-Hose system can easily be carried out when building a house or renovating an existing home.

If you are interested in the individual elements of the Retraflex system or Hide-A-Hose, please visit our online store!

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