SEBO Vacuum cleaners

We are providing selling, repairs, maintenance like also supply replacement parts for SEBO vacuum cleaners.

SEBO (UK) Ltd was formed in 1981 and has successfully grown to become a major player in the UK vacuum cleaner market. In 1991 SEBO started in the retail market with the SEBO automatic X1 upright. This machine introduced computer controlled brush height adjustment for optimum cleaning performance which remains unique to SEBO.

SEBO’s products are offered in two formats, canisters and uprights. The models consist of the 350, 360 and successor 370 models and the BS36/46 models dependent on floor head widths for the commercial and retail market.

SEBO Duo Cleaning System

In addition to their vacuum cleaners, SEBO also offer a dry powder cleaning agent for carpets which they call “Duo P” This powder can be distributed across carpet using a sprinkler dispenser, and scrubbed into the carpet with a brush or the SEBO Duo Daisy, which is a wheeled long-handled brush, for easier distribution of the powder.

Alternatively, for optimum penetration of the powder deep into the carpet pile, the motorized SEBO Duo cleaning machine can be used, which achieves the best results on large areas of the carpet. After the powder has been allowed to permeate the carpet fibres for an hour, it can be vacuumed up, with any vacuum cleaner.


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