Efficient Filtration

Adaptable to All Needs

Units with bag

These vacuum units, equipped with a disposable container. Perfectly suited to people suffering from allergies or those who value fast and clean maintenance. An electrostatic bag with impressive capacity removes dust well, so you have to throw it away, keeping your hands clean!

Units with filters

These units will certainly satisfy your ecological nature. Thanks to reusable washable filters, there is nothing to throw away, except vacuuming debris and you will never have to buy any bags! The dust is separated from the air by a cyclone and is deposited directly on the bottom of the tank.


Hybrid models

Hybrid units you can use with or without a bag, at any time. Their versatile filtration system perfectly suits today’s fast-paced lifestyle. You’re out of bags, and you don’t have enough time to buy some more? No problem! Just remove the bag adaptor, and you are ready to vacuum!

Carbon dust filtration

«Breathe easier with our patented
filtration system.»

Benefit from improved indoor air quality with Cyclo Vac’s revolutionary carbon dust filtration system. This particular system captures the carbon dust generated by the power unit’s motor(s) and usually accumulated on the surfaces and walls surrounding the vacuum unit.

Elevate your home environment with a Cyclo Vac Tradition or High-efficiency central vacuum.

Electrostatic bag filtration concept

Cyclo Vac introduces its unique and convenient electrostatic filter bag. With unparalleled durability, strength and performance, this vacuum bag is top of the line.

Three layers of micro-pore fabric combine to seize 99.4% of dust allergens (pollen, dust mites, etc.). No matter the amount of dust accumulated in the bag. Airflow and suction power is not affected maximum cleaning power every time, all the time.